Composting the Fast Way

Taking Care of Your Compost Pile

The most rapid composting is achieved by adding mixed browns and greens, regularly turning the compost pile, and controlling the water content.

Compost Piles

Fast Track Instructions for Active Composters

To make compost the fast way, adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Turn the pile every 5-7 days, making sure to move outer material to the center of the pile and adding water if needed.
  2. Check the temperature of the pile often.
    • During the first few weeks, the temperature should reach 140 degrees.
    • After about four weeks, less heat will be produced and the pile will maintain a lower temperature of 100 degrees.
  3. After about four more weeks, when the pile no longer heats after mixing, allow it to cure (stand without mixing) for at least four weeks before using the compost.

Additives & Starters

Numerous additives and starters are available, but these are not needed for good or rapid composting.