Civic Contributions

Contributions by CCSWA 2022

Host Community Fees$4.9834 / ton
Caernarvon Township$3.6627 / ton
Honey Brook Township$0.5811 / ton and up to 500 tons of free disposal per year
Honey Brook Borough$0.5811 / ton and up to 750 tons of free disposal per year
Salisbury Township$0.1585 / ton

Honey Brook Food Pantry$5,000
Honey Brook Borough $7,500
Honey Brook Library$25,000
Eastern Lancaster School District PILOT$12,000
Caernarvon Farm Endowment$12,000
Honey Brook Fire Department$7,500
Elverson-Honey Brook Area EMS$7,500
White Horse Fire Department$7,500
Caernarvon Fire Department$7,500
Brandywine YMCA$1,000
New Holland Area Historical Society$500
Historic Poole Forge$1,000
ELANCO Library$2,500
Brandywine Valley Association$5,000
Twin Valley School District PILOT$2,000
Pequea Valley School District PILOT$1,000
LCC's Welsh Mountain Nature Preserve$2,500
Welsh Mountain Health Center$1,500
Brandywine Conservancy$5,000
Chester County Foundation for Women & Girls$5,000
Caernarvon Historical Society$2,000

For More Information

If you have any questions, please contact the Chester County Solid Waste Authority at (610) 273-3771.