Business Description & Mission Statement


Organization and Purpose:

The Chester County Solid Waste Authority was created pursuant to an ordinance of the Board of Commissioners of the County of Chester, Pennsylvania, and incorporated on August 20, 1984, in accordance with the Municipal Authorities Act of 1945, as amended. Under the Act, the Authority has a term of existence of 50 years from its date of incorporation. The Charter empowers the Authority to acquire, hold, improve, maintain, operate, and own solid waste and recycling facilities, and to enter into waste and recycling contracts with both public and private entities. By delegation from the Board of Commissioners of Chester County we are responsible to perform and implement requisite solid waste planning activities, as required by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and this plan shall provide the County with a stable, economic and long term option for solid waste management. We will provide technical assistance to municipalities on developing and implementing waste reduction, recycling, leaf and yard waste composting and household hazardous waste programs. The goal is to reduce the waste generated by residents, businesses, schools and institutions in Chester County.

Mission Statement:

To manage all discarded materials in the Lanchester Service area with minimum environmental impact and with an overall long term goal of zero waste.